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Executive Retreats

Executive Retreats Limited arrange discreet events for organisations and professional associations in attractive locations around the world as the basis for recharging personal capabilities, refreshing knowledge and renewing perspective on the world.

Masterclasses and workshops are delivered by subject experts, experienced academics, industry specialists and invited keynote speakers.

Many have established records of working with different industry or publishing leading research which has not yet made its way into textbooks.

  • The retreat: Personal development for executives which includes workshops on cutting-edge developments that will shape the future of business and society as well as a focus on personal skills and well-being.
  • Working with Disruptive Innovation: Tools, techniques, perspectives and insights on how to work in fast-changing environments affected by disruptive and discontinuous innovation
  • Sensemaking in the Global Economy: Deep-dives and masterclasses in some of the most pressing issues facing societies around the world and their impact on business and policy.

The idea behind executive retreats is to provide physical and psychological space for learning to take place.

We can organise a ‘retreat’ practically anywhere, including your office, but an ideal retreat is somewhere which signals to the mind to expect a different experience.

Our chosen locations currently include The Faroe Islands, Mauritius, Malaysia and London (a retreat in e middle of the most dazzling city in the world).

Education Retreats

Higher education in general, and business schools in particular face existential threats on two fronts:

  • research suggests that teaching quality in business schools often lags behind other disciplines, and #
  • the usefulness of business degrees is increasingly questionable in the era of MOOCs, industry “universities”and higher apprenticeships The education retreat offers a semi- customised programme focusing on staff development for improvement in teaching and learning and workshops into cutting-edge developments.

This ‘retreat’ can be delivered at the institution or at an external venue.  The programme for the retreat is developed in consultation with the university so that emphasis can be placed on issues where there is the greatest need.


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