Education/Academia Vs Industry


While acknowledging the importance of working together to improve the skills and knowledge of the workforce, why do they continually treat each other with suspicion bordering on disdain?

Academic conferences dismiss industry as (and I quote from a recent conference) ‘awful people, not to be trusted’.

Meanwhile industry look at some of the more esoteric research papers in 3* and 4* journals (is this a real measurement of ‘impact’? ) and regard them as having little relevance to their world.  I am not disputing the role that research has in the bigger picture I quickly add before I am placed on an academic ‘banned’ list.

The thought of ‘apprenticeships’ seems to have UK Universities frothing at the mouth; how could industry dare to encroach on the hallowed turf of education? (Driven by or underpinned by financial concerns it is claimed!).

Is it time there was more effort made to bring these ‘sides’ together to develop curriculum, and deliver it in a mode that is relevant to the individuals who aspire to work in and add value, both economically and ethically, to a  modern world? I would be interested to listen to solutions…

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