The Global Centre for Professional Events Management (GCPEM) develops and delivers professional training and education for global organisations, associations and governments. Courses are designed to not only meet set industry criteria but are driven by the understanding that content and delivery must be ‘fit for purpose’. This reflects the client needs from delivery style and duration, content and level; always culturally contextualised.

GCPEM also offers partnership development by using a network of international contacts to bring together organisations and institutions, and facilitates collaborative research and consultancy projects.

We add value to global education institutions through the scoping and facilitation of staff and student exchanges. We also plan and facilitate academic conferences and forums, industry engaging master classes led by leading experts and unique cutting edge international summer schools.

We also provide expertise and advice on the validation and due diligence of accredited transnational delivery for education institutions, including the development of content and assessments that is culturally relevant and fit for purpose. Appropriate delivery modes (face to face and online) and up to date content reflects the current challenges event professionals face in a fast-changing world. Ensuring industry engagement in curriculum development is a key element to our work in this area.

The planning and implementation of international events from conferences to product launches and more is also available through its event company, Argentum Moon, the ‘unique event specialists’.

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