Working with the Lord Mayors Appeal, Epilepsy Action and Heart Research UK, Argentum Moon event managed and co-ordinated the wonderful Colour Collaboration at All Bar One in Leeds. The event brought together a number of different people for an evening of ‘mindfulness’ activities, great music and stimulating company in a great setting in the heart of Leeds.

Funds (still counting…) and awareness were raised, but more importantly, the great group of young ‘associates’ working with Argentum Moon did a fabulous job to stage a great event.

Argentum Moon’s vision is to stage small unique events that help aspiring event professionals and charities so this was a perfect start and reflects the values of Argentum Moon.

This is the first of a series of events that are designed to expose the great work done by two amazing charities under the umbrella of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. Looking to continue this over the next few years with and for different charities, engaging events, unique venues and inspiring young event professionals. Watch this space….

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